Welcome to C-02

C-02 is the cardio-pulmonary division affiliated with C-era and C-endo clinics. Integrated
together these divisions provide comprehensive care. C-O2 evaluates patients with complaints
of shortness of breath, cough, snoring, abnormal Chest X-Rays, or other pulmonary concerns.
Staffed by General Internists and Pulmonologists, this division is committed to providing the
highest level of care. With in-house pulmonary function testing and spirometry, as well as a
dedicated team of allied health professionals including respiratory therapists, this division
aspires to the timely evaluation and management of cardiopulmonary disease.


Our Vision

A smoke free world in which those with Asthma, COPD, Sleep Apnea and other Cardiopulmonary conditions are empowered and receive optimal care.

Our Mission

Patient Care:

  • To provide timely access to consultations, diagnostics and interventions for cardio-pulmonary patients (Access)
  • To improve pulmonary symptom control for those patients evaluated at C-O2 (Quality)
  • To identify and prevent cardio-pulmonary complications (Quality)
  • To help patients develop knowledge, strategies and networks to support their cardio-pulmonary care (Sustainability)

System Enhancement:

  • To help create and improve system resources so as to enhance access to specialized Cardiopulmonary care resources (Access)
  • To enhance the knowledge and skills of healthcare providers to manage Cardiopulmonary patients and their issues (Quality)
  • To develop an integrated network of resources to support Cardiopulmonary care in Southern Alberta (Sustainability)


  • To enhance access to innovative technology that can help improve Cardiopulmonary care and minimize complications (Access)
  • To engage in the creation of new knowledge through research projects and clinical trials, so as to improve the future care of Cardiopulmonsary disease (quality)
  • To facilitate networking and collaboration among innovators in Southern Alberta and beyond (Sustainability)


Timely Access at C-O2

C-02 is committed to timely access to specialist care. Our referring doctors triage their
patients into urgent, semi-urgent, and non-urgent matters. Accordingly we schedule patients
to see us. We also apply our own triage process and may upgrade a patient to be seen sooner,
if the information provided to us raises significant concern.

We believe in efficiency. Once seen by one of our specialists, our admin team will make every
effort to navigate patients through the healthcare system so as to complete their testing in
an efficient manner. Why do we do this …. Because we care!



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Suite 210, 1016 - 68th Ave SW
Calgary Alberta T2V 4J2

Phone - (403) 541-0033
Fax - (403) 541-0032
Email - info@c-era.com

Hours - Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm